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2022-04 Affiliate 🐰⚾🌷 Newsletter April 15, 2022

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

Good Good Friday Friday!


Here's everything that's been added since our last newsletter:

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HOT AND TATTED Converting 1:773; Retention 16.67%*

Hosted Galleries: 3 (1 HiResPics, 1 ScreenCaps, 1 Mixed)

Zip Content: 1 HiRes Image Zips

HUSSIE PASS Converting 1:212; Retention 27.91%*

Banners: 236 (181 Static, 55 Animated)

Hosted Galleries: 12 (4 HiResPics, 5 ScreenCaps, 3 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 8 (3 4K Long, 5 Trailers)

Zip Content: 7 HiRes Image Zips

SEE HIM FUCK Converting 1:154; Retention 28.47%*

Banners: 276 (212 Static, 64 Animated)

Hosted Galleries: 12 (4 HiResPics, 4 ScreenCaps, 4 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 8 (4 4K Long, 4 Trailers)

Zip Content: 4 HiRes Image Zips

SEE HIM SOLO Converting 1:81; Retention 23.98%*

Banners: 24 (19 Static, 5 Animated)

Hosted Galleries: 10 (3 HiResPics, 4 ScreenCaps, 2 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 3 (3 Trailers)

Zip Content: 4 HiRes Image Zips

*Based on Unique Hits from NATS & Member Retention - See POV Porn Cash Ratios & Retention Stats for 2022-04 here.


We are going to handle all Webmaster Payouts on or near the 20th of each month, where all affiliates who reached their minimum payout Pay Period ending 2022-03-31 will be paid.


Do you need anything from us that we don't currently offer?  Custom banner sizes?  Data dumps of our scenes, videos or galleries?  Members area access?  Please simply reply to this newsletter and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you promote our sites!

Simply log into POVPornCash.com to grab whatever you need.

THANK YOU for being an affiliate!

Mark - Greenguy

POV Porn Cash Support - support@povcms.com