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2021-04 Newsletter avril 13, 2021

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)


On 2021-03-25 we added 4 "Cock Shocked Girls" Hosted Galleries (and a shitload of banners) to the promo materials for Hussie Pass.  Our director Johnny Robbins is kinda known for them and we feel they'll be a nice change from the regular Hosted Galleries that are based on just one scene.  Here's an example:


You can find your coded links in the HiResPics section of the Hussie Pass Hosted Galleries.  As we shoot more scenes, we'll be releasing more of these, so if you still use Hosted Galleries, give'em a shot!


Here's everything that's been added since our last newsletter:

(all these links will work once you're logged into POVPornCash.com)


Banners: 252 (112 Horizontal, 140 Vertical)

Hosted Galleries: 166 (53 HiResPics, 98 ScreenCaps, 8 Videos, 7 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 15 (7 4K Long, 1 HD Short, 7 Trailers)

Zip Content: 31 HiRes Image Zips

*NOTE* We've been going back thru all the old scenes and getting promo material in there for you


Banners: 48 (35 Horizontal, 13 Vertical)

Hosted Galleries: 42 (32 ScreenCaps, 10 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 19 (7 4K Long, 2 HD Long, 10 Trailers)


Banners: 94 (46 Horizontal, 48 Vertical)

Hosted Galleries: 25 (4 HiResPics, 4 ScreenCaps, 13 Videos, 4 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 16 (4 4K Long, 8 HD Short, 4 Trailers)

Zip Content: 4 HiRes Image Zips


Banners: 24 (11 Horizontal, 13 Vertical)

Hosted Galleries: 11 (3 HiResPics, 4 ScreenCaps, XX Videos, 4 Mixed)

Downloadable Videos: 4 (4 Trailers)

Zip Content: 3 HiRes Image Zips


We are going to handle all Webmaster Payouts on or near the 20th of each month, where all affiliates who reached their minimum payout Pay Period ending 2021-03-31 will be paid.

Simply log into POVPornCash.com to grab whatever you need.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you promote our sites & THANK YOU for being an affiliate!

Mark - Greenguy

POV Porn Cash Support - support@povcms.com