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POVPornCash News

2021-04 Newsletter - April 13th, 2021

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)


On 2021-03-25 we added 4 "Cock Shocked Girls" Hosted Galleries (and a shitload of banners) to the promo... continue...

2021-03 🍀 Newsletter - March 16th, 2021

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

Here's everything that's been added since our last newsletter:

(all these links will work once you're logged into continue...

2021-02 Newsletter - February 12th, 2021

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

As you can see below, we've been adding a lot of banners lately.  We've based the size of the banners off Googling continue...

2021-01 Newsletter - January 15th, 2021

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

Just an FYI that we're not just adding Ad Tools just once a month.  Everything below was added since the last newsletter, but about half of the... continue...

XXXMas 🎅 Promos - December 20th, 2020

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)


2020-12 Newsletter - December 15th, 2020

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

Three (kinda) important things:

1 - We will be sending out another newsletter early next week with all our XXXmas promos for... continue...

2020-11 Newsletter - November 17th, 2020

Good Tuesday My Fellow Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

We've been VERY BUSY since out last newsletter!

- continue...

2020-10 Newsletter - October 16th, 2020

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

1st & foremost: POVPornstars.com now has a new tour and a lot... continue...

2020-09 Newsletter - September 14th, 2020

Hello Webmasters & Webmistresses :)

1st & foremost, today we launched a redesigned tour for continue...

Updated Webmaster Payout Options - August 19th, 2020
We have added as many payout options as we could find. Your choices are now:
ACH - US Only: Cost $0
Check: Cost $0
Domestic Wire: Cost $30 (our bank up'd it from $20)
... continue...